Computer users should think twice about which devices connect it via USB to your computer. Report of a forum user According to the may even be to Vireneinfallstor an e-cigarette.

Still can be found on e-cigarettes not phrases like “This cigarette can do irreparable damage when charging to your computer”. But you should vote the history of Reddit user-Jrockilla, then one would have to at least once think about privacy notices for such USB hardware. For what he says, sounds plausible and is extremely disturbing.

Jrockilla works claims to be in the IT department of a large company. One day one of his reports Chefs had infection with a computer virus, the source of which, despite several days of research can not be determined. But then it is still not clear how the malicious code appeared on the service computer: an e-cigarette to charge via USB. The virus was programmed into the cigarette hardware.

“The moral of the story,” writes Jrockilla: “Have you ever thought about the legitimacy of the 5 dollar Ebay Made-in-China USB device that you just put in your computer?”

In fact, virtually all USB devices would so wear a hardware health warning. Again and again on USB hardware – for example, the now famous viruses picture frame – that is infested with malware. This can occur unintentionally as by poorly maintained computer at the manufacturing site, or with intent.

How bad is the security of USB devices, demonstrated in July of employees Security Research Labs (SRLabs) from Berlin: you programmed the control software of the USB interface into any USB hardware. A protection against it, there is not practically a believe in the security researchers, all USB devices are vulnerable. The special feature of the attacks of Berlin should be the type of infection. “There is no contaminated file that could find an anti-virus program, the stick can be completely empty,” said SRLabs conductor Karsten Nohl at “time online”.

Yet not all is lost in the USB world. At least one tool provides protection against attacks such as the E-cigarette: a so-called USB condom, which allows you to charge your USB device at all times.

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