Smoking cigarettes brings many disadvantages. These include, for example, there is a risk of cancer and caused by the deposition in the lungs smoker’s cough . Tabacco caused thousands of hazardous substances and chemical compounds .

Already in the 70s, as pointed at shopec an American had patented the operation of an electronic cigarette – to the production and distribution of such, there was at that time not yet, however.

This differs in fundamental ways from the traditional, where the wound in paper tobacco burned and inhaled. The electronic cigarette is a high tech device that is today already sold worldwide.

Many smokers want to give up the harmful substances in smoke, because it is only the nicotine , which is addictive and then also leads to satisfaction. Through the e-cigarette can be seen on the combustion products of tobacco, which in addition to toxins arsenic and cyanide , radioactive elements include, without.

Several million German use the e- cigarette by dealer information already regularly as a replacement for conventional cigarette. The electronic alternative to fag this looks similar at first glance to confuse . In addition to the shape, size and the typical colors , even burn some models a light at the end when the consumer pulls on the e- cigarette.

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